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    Digital Excellence

    Again & Again

    With over fourteen years of software development and marketing solutions experience it's safe to say that we've been around the block a couple of times. At Eliance we're dedicated to creating expansive business solutions that are innovative and sustainable, providing you with a full through-the-line service.

  • Eliance offers

    Online Training

    It's Simple, Affordable & Accessible

    Eliance's E-Learning System is a simple to use, highly affordable way of creating online learning courses. It delivers your training material to the people who need it most in a format that aligns with your business' requirements.

  • Eliance understands

    Social Media

    We Grow, Engage & Manage

    Our expert community managers forge valuable, lasting social connections by giving your business & brand a clear defined voice that's transparent, consumer-driven and authentic. This unique approach has grown our clients' social communities to amongst the largest within their respective industries.

  • Eliance redefines the world of

    Website Development

    Convert Visitors into Customers

    A massive marketing budget that drives consumers to a badly designed website is a very expensive exercise in futility. Your website is a Virtual Storefront and at Eliance we strive to ensure that your place of business is nothing short of impeccable.

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